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Summertime Pastimes

Posted by Fireshadows - June 20th, 2017

Hahah yes, I am around and working hard on my projects. I'm just not good at updating on progress, not even on Twitter.

Finished first year of university around around 3 weeks ago and I've been ripe for summer. We've built arcade machines to exhibit with during a game conference located near campus. I've not been talkative about my arcade project even though I'm really proud of it. RIM! RAM! RUM! it's called, a 1v1 space pirate ship arena jousting game. It became very popular during the conference but the concept of it wasn't apparently convincing and coherent to the jury, which led us to only receive two nominations at the ceremony award. It's still better than none and I don't feel like I'm completely done working on the game either. Maybe there'll be a web release for instance!














Now when I'm not working with school projects, I've finally been tending to my own ones. I've done a huuge amount of progress on Doomsday Deluge. I've reworked the game in Unity and I was right about it being easy to implement new things in the game (... though, I'm really frustrated about the clunkiness of changing x and y values of game objects).

I've added alot to the gameplay itself (modifiable stats, enemies, weapons, power-ups, score, loot, level transition, parallax scrolling,etc) and also attempted to try gamepad support, which I hope really becomes a thing!
Recently, I'm working further on UI design and made some sketches of menus and gameplay HUD, as well as writing down design decisions I've made (though some are left undecided until they've been playtested).


I'm also with a group of others across Internet to create an JRPG together, where I've taken the role as Lead Designer. We've elaborated on several features of the game, trying to spin around on traditional elements to produce a new experience. Prototyping on the battle system is now currently in the progress, though we are really short on people in the programming part, let alone on artists! We're aiming to get that sorted out, of course.

Just gon' end the post like this, I ran out of words. Have a great summer! I know I will.

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What sort of JRPG, out of curiosity? I love JRPG music so... <3

We're drawing inspirations from older Final Fantasy games, Pokemon and Paper Mario! We're trying to keep it not too big but still enough content to make it solid.

Got any musicians yet? O.o

Yeah, we have this musician ^^

I at least love what he did with the cave theme in that Soundcloud profile.

Hm, if you ever need an Ar tonelico or ethereal vibe one day, for whatever, hit me.

Yeah, sure. It's good to have contacts!