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That makes total sense!

Omg! I absolutely died at the part where the lights went out.

Hah, seems like Donald goofed up, unlike the voice acting (which is great!).

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That was a great game! I loved it when the tone of the soundtrack changed as desperate hungry pokeyman players was seen being lost in the forest.
I also liked the conclusion at the end where the grandson told that pokeymans brings people together. I feel like it's the message this game want to convey.

My opinion is that if you want to get serious about making games, then you should use anything other than Scratch and start learning about programming and such.
I understand that you've used tools that are within your reach, that's why I'm not going to be hard on you either.
You get one half star for wanting to do this. You're still young so just keep practicing gamemaking for better ratings, you have a whole life before you. Search and use better softwares such as Gamemaker or Unity (both have free versions), play good and bad games to learn from them, improve your english grammar and don't be discouraged. Good luck!

matheus021 responds:

I dont know to use game maker and unity!

Cool concept for a roguelike game and the artstyle is nice too! I like this very much even if the music becomes repetitive. I also defeated Juggernaut instantly with Bat'leth. The success of great timing gives a rewarding feeling!

PestoForce responds:

You are the chosen one!

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I.. wow. Good job! Really!

Mattashi responds:

Thank you :)

Found my new ringtone! Heh, this is really cute.

BenTibbetts responds:

That's great! :) Thanks.

This is really good! I like this!
This sounds like a RPG battle theme, where the player fights some acid-spitting spiders in a castle basement.
The piano plays really well in the beginning. Then it keeps on playing calmly, as if a decision is to be made. The cymbal swell and horns then arrive to keep you reminded in what situation you are in.
Then the choirs starts to sing as if the player or the enemy took action. It's brilliant!

BenTibbetts responds:

Thank you very much! That's a good description of the track.

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Wow, I like all of it!

I'm loving it! Looks great too.


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