Period of Reflection

2017-03-04 14:11:57 by Fireshadows

Doomsday Deluge, how I wish to see you realised! Last year, great progress has been made on you. Coding, music, writing and art! I wish I had just as much time now. That's not to say I've abandoned you, you've just been put aside until... I have time again!


I'll tell you, even though I don't have as much time working on this, I'm still living the time of my life. I'm studying game design and development and learning to work on game projects as if being in the industry. All good experiences and new things learned, and all of those has made me consider to step it up with my own games as well. Because I really want to get back to do my own games than those I do in school!

Previously, I've been programming in Flash AS3, a language I feel the most comfortable and skilled working in. Now I've learned how to program in C++ and utilise external libraries and Unity C#. I've got a lot more tools to work with.

Meanwhile I've been figuring out the best options to proceed with Doomsday Deluge, as well as other Flash game projects I have in mind. I'm thinking of redo Doomsday Deluge in Unity! While I had a bad first impression on Unity and how you work with it's interface, it is still easy and quick to set up and get started with. A lot faster than in C++, much more faster.
So fast that the project would require less of my time.
Because I'm only one insufficient person with big ideas. Flash (Animate as it's called nowadays) is a wonderful software for multimedia projects, it really is, but Unity is faster to use, performs better as well as being more accessible for more people. That's what I've been thinking as well, making the game more accessible. Sure, I'll finish my Flash project, who'll be there to play it? The ones who still has flash player installed? My point being that Unity is the 'hottest' thing that most really seems to prefer. That's the impression i've been receiving.

In short, my project is still entirely doable in Flash AS3, but the performance and accessibility to players are much greater in Unity, alongside it being easy to use. That's why I'm considering to start over my work on Doomsday Deluge in Unity!
I've also met so many great people, both irl and across the web, and I wouldn't feel as helpless as before if I did ask for help and directions.

This is the main theme for the game, which I can share:
In another post, I'd be happy to show some of the works and a couple of prototypes that has been made!


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